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Films That Make People Feel

In a world of constant information, being seen and heard is vital. Branded films are a great way to cut through the noise.

As humans, we connect with real people, stories and experiences. Film is a great way to capture the attitude, culture and personality of your business. They’re a powerful way to make an emotional connection with your audience and build trust in their mind.

We’re big believers in using beautifully shot branded films to help brilliant businesses tell their stories. Our founder, Sam has been making films since he was eleven and its his simple and sharp aesthetic and keen eye for detail that has defined our creative approach. Beyond the technical aspects of our craft, people are our passion. It’s our curiosity around who they are and what they do that gives us a spring in our step.

It’s simple. We make fabulous films for good people doing great work.

Our Story

In 2011, Sam set the wheels in motion for Oatey Media, merging his lifelong passion as a filmmaker with an innate entrepreneurial spirit.

His first camera, a fortunate gift at the age of 8, became a gateway to his creative journey. Sam, then just a young enthusiast, harnessed its power to craft a short film of the Royal Cornwall Show—a delightful twist of fate, as the show is now one of Oatey’s cherished clients.

Nestled on his family’s Cornwall farm, where enterprises sprouted from the core of agricultural life, Sam left an early imprint, skillfully promoting these ventures through film.

Fast forward to today, and Oatey stands as a testament to creativity supported by a circle of trusted collaborators—visionary creatives, marketing professionals, and a network of diverse talents.

The scope of Oatey’s projects now extends across varied sectors, from the intricacies of manufacturing to the vibrant tapestry of lifestyle, meeting the needs of brands across the world, from bespoke to industry leaders.

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