Haywood Farm Cider

- Brand Film -

Haywood Farm Cider | Brand Film

We thrive on the opportunity to capture the essence of stories through evocative visual storytelling. Our latest venture with Haywood Cider, crafting their brand film, was a delightful journey immersed in the spirit of tradition.

Haywood Cider invited us to distill the rich narrative of Tom and his family’s century-old legacy on their beloved farm. Our mission was clear: distill the essence of their story into a brand film that authentically portrayed the passion and hard work behind their exceptional cider.

The Project

We started shooting in May, we wanted to capture the entire cider-making season. Over the course of six months, we captured the farm’s transformation through spring blossoms, summer, and the golden scenes of autumn. This extended production allowed us to authentically showcase the laborious process of cultivating apples, the meticulous crafting of cider, and the families dedication that sustains this tradition.

From the meticulous pruning of the orchards in spring to the harvesting of ripe apples under the warm summer sun, and finally, the pressing and fermentation processes as autumn painted the landscape – we covered it all. Every step, every season, and every ounce of hard work that goes into producing Haywood Cider was meticulously documented to provide viewers with an intimate understanding of the craftsmanship behind each bottle.

The Result

This is a brand film that not only reflects but celebrates the genuine stories from behind the scenes at Haywood Cider. It’s a testament to the dedication, tradition, and real taste that defines this exceptional cider.

This project encapsulates how much we enjoy storytelling, a commitment to capturing the true essence of our clients’ stories. We’re incredibly proud of being able to work with Tom and his family to showcase everything they do.