The Lost Gardens Of Heligan

- Campaign Film -

The Lost Gardens Of Heligan | Campaign Film

We had the incredible opportunity to team up with The Lost Gardens of Heligan for our first project together. Our mission was to create engaging film content that would bring Heligan to life and entice visitors to explore its enchanting wonders.

Nestled in Cornwall, Heligan boasts stunning landscapes, from vast gardens to mystical woodlands, offering an immersive experience that will leave you in awe.

With our talented crew and some innovative tricks up our sleeves, we worked closely with the Heligan team to produce films specifically designed for social media platforms. The result? A fantastic response and the beginning of an exciting partnership.

The Project

To capture the essence of Heligan during the vibrant summer season, we embarked on an adventure-filled day of filming. We kicked off bright and early, chasing that perfect morning light. Working alongside a warm and relatable family who modeled for us, we aimed to create content that would resonate with viewers and ignite their curiosity to explore Heligan themselves.

But here’s where things got really exciting: our specialist drone team took to the skies with their top-notch FPV drone technology. Maneuvering through the jungle, our drones captured breathtaking aerial footage, unveiling awe-inspiring perspectives of Heligan’s natural wonders. The result? We crafted a one-minute edit, a 30-second edit, and a 15-second edit, tailor-made to sweep you off your feet on various social media platforms.

We were overjoyed to witness an incredible response to the films we created. Within just three days of their release, we racked up over 100,000 impressions!