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CLAAS UK | Customer Experience Film

We are thrilled to present our latest project, the CLAAS UK Customer Experience Film, the first of two films we had the privilege of producing for CLAAS. Tasked with showcasing the impressive new £21 million UK headquarters, we set out to create a film that would capture the essence of CLAAS’s commitment to innovation, magnitude, and customer satisfaction.

CLAAS approached us with the goal of producing a film that would not only highlight the architectural marvel of their new headquarters but also provide an immersive experience for viewers. The sheer vastness of the facility, featuring two expansive technoparks, a restaurant, offices, the CLAAS academy, and workshops equipped for maximum efficiency, presented us with a canvas to craft a truly extraordinary customer experience film.

The Project

We envisioned a film that not only showcased the physical grandeur of the building but also delved into the various facets of CLAAS’s operations. From the extensive array of products displayed in the technoparks to the state-of-the-art workshops facilitating precision engineering, and the unique customer experience centre allowing hands-on testing of machines, our aim was to capture the essence of CLAAS’s commitment to excellence.

Turning our vision into reality required meticulous planning and collaboration. Working closely with CLAAS UK’s marketing team, we developed the script, storyboard, and production plans. A crucial recce visit six months before shooting ensured a solid plan was in place, allowing us to make the most of the two days dedicated to capturing the diverse content required for this monumental project.

The Result

The CLAAS UK Customer Experience Film is a testament to the seamless collaboration between our team and CLAAS UK. The film not only showcases the architectural brilliance of the £21 million HQ but also takes viewers on a journey through the various facilities that make CLAAS a leader in its industry.

From the vastness of the building to the hands-on experiences offered to customers, every aspect has been carefully curated to deliver a film that stands out as a true representation of CLAAS UK’s brand values.