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Equine America UK | Manufacturing Film

Equine America UK came to us wanting to showcase how their vast range of NOPS approved products are produced here in the UK – an obvious decision to produce a manufacturing film.

The Project

In producing a manufacturing film we explained the full story from start to finish of how their products are created, from showing their nutritionist creating the formulas through to accurate measurements, mixing and packing.

Equine America really wanted to show the scale of how their products are produced. This manufacturing film aims to show and give their customers confidence in the products and how they are produced.

We travelled far and wide to be able to get all of the content we needed for this film, we shot in two of Equine America’s factories showcasing how the dry and wet products are produced.

Equipped with everything from cameras through to lighting we were able to really get creative in the shots we were capturing.

In the edit suite we wanted to keep the cuts quite tight, having so much content to include it meant we needed to keep it sharp whilst still telling the story.

In this film, we really did make the everyday look epic!

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