Royal Cornwall Show 2023

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Royal Cornwall Show 2023 | Event Film

In 2023, we had the exciting opportunity to collaborate once again with the Royal Cornwall Show, taking on the contract to create all the video content for the event. Our primary objective was to produce a captivating 1-minute event film that effectively captured the essence of the show, while also gathering enough footage for the creation of the 2024 TV adverts and accompanying social media content. To add an extra challenge to the project, we aimed for a quick turnaround by shooting and post-producing the film all on the same day.

The Project

As a reputable Cornwall-based film production company, we invested significant effort in meticulous pre-production planning. Collaborating closely with the Royal Cornwall Show team, we aimed to understand their vision and identify key factors to be highlighted in the films. Through extensive discussions and detailed shot list creation, we ensured a clear roadmap for capturing the essence of the event.

Executing the project seamlessly and efficiently was paramount. Our experienced team, armed with state-of-the-art equipment, skillfully captured a wide array of activities, events, and performances at the Royal Cornwall Show. As specialists in event films, we maneuvered throughout the venue, skillfully capturing the diverse and vibrant atmosphere of Cornwall’s premier event. Our dedication to quick turnarounds enabled us to produce engaging films on the same day as filming, ensuring fresh and timely content.

We applied our expertise and creativity during the post-production phase. With a focus on delivering high-end content, we meticulously reviewed and selected the most captivating footage. We transformed the footage into a dynamic and engaging event film that showcased the show’s highlights and amplified its appeal.

The Results

The resulting event film successfully encapsulated the spirit and essence of the Royal Cornwall Show. Viewers were immersed in the vibrant atmosphere, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the event’s various attractions and activities. By showcasing the diverse range of experiences available, we effectively conveyed the show’s appeal to a broad audience.

Furthermore, the ability to produce the 1-minute event film on the same day as the shoot allowed for a quick turnaround, ensuring that the content was fresh and immediately available for promotional purposes. This agile approach enhanced the engagement and anticipation among viewers, as they were able to experience the show’s highlights almost in real-time.