- FPV Drone Tour -

CLAAS UK | FPV Drone Tour

Following the success of the Customer Experience Film, this project pushed the boundaries of innovation and choreography.

CLAAS challenged us to create the most complex and highly choreographed FPV Drone Tour to complement their new Customer Experience Film. With five individual flight routes, involving 175 people, and extensive planning over four days, this project demanded precision and meticulous execution.

The Project

Crafting a visually stunning drone tour, we aimed to showcase CLAAS UK’s expansive facilities from unique perspectives. The intricate flight routes explored the vast technoparc’s, workshops, and other key areas, providing a dynamic and engaging visual experience.

This project required an unparalleled level of pre-production. Over four days, we meticulously planned each flight route, ensuring the safety and success of the shoot. The shoot day itself was a remarkable accomplishment, capturing the complexity of CLAAS UK’s headquarters with precision and creativity from above.

The Result

The CLAAS UK FPV Drone Tour is a testament to our commitment to pushing creative boundaries. With 175 individuals involved, we successfully captured the essence of CLAAS’s operations from elevated perspectives, adding a dynamic layer to their customer experience narrative.