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THE OUT | Range Rover Lifestyle Film

Our recent collaboration with THE OUT, a high-end luxury car rental brand based in London, was a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional creative content. Partnering with the esteemed creative agency House 337, we were entrusted with the task of producing two exquisite films for THE OUT, which served as a pivotal element in their broader marketing campaign. Our mission: to showcase the unparalleled experience one can have when utilizing THE OUT’s fleet of premium vehicles.

THE OUT wanted to introduce their clientele to the sheer opulence of the all-new 2022 Range Rover. To achieve this, we embarked on a journey to the rugged and picturesque Cornish Countryside. Over the course of a few days, we captured every facet of its splendor.

The Project

Our approach for the 1-minute film was to meld the majesty of the Range Rover with the untamed beauty of the Cornish landscape. The result was a visual symphony that celebrated the car’s design, performance, and exclusivity. Every gleam, curve, and feature was showcased in a way that left viewers in awe.

But our journey didn’t end with the Range Rover. In a longer, more editorial/documentary-style film, we delved into the essence of Cornwall as an artistic haven. Cornwall has long been a sanctuary for artists from around the globe, and we aimed to capture the spirit that makes this region truly special.

We embarked on an exploration of Cornwall’s artistic legacy, visiting luminaries like Jack Davis, a renowned artist celebrated for his stunning sky and landscape compositions. We also paid a visit to Alicia Livingstone, the curator of Livingstone St Ives art gallery, to discuss the region’s profound influence on the art world. Through intimate interviews and breathtaking visuals, we wove a narrative that highlighted the allure of Cornwall as an artistic muse.

The Result

From the initial concept to post-production, we meticulously crafted each frame to bring these films to life. Our team’s expertise in cinematography, editing, and storytelling ensured that every moment resonated with the essence of luxury and artistry that THE OUT and Cornwall embody.

Our collaboration with THE OUT and House 337 was not just a project; it was a journey. We set out to showcase the all-new 2022 Range Rover and to capture the artistic spirit of Cornwall. We unveiled the opulence and allure that define THE OUT and the rich tapestry of creativity that is Cornwall.