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When the Cornwall-based manufacturer wanted to create a manufacturing film to capture the landmark production of its 20,000th Tomahawk Bale Processor it turned to Oatey Media.

As a market-leading manufacturer and global distributor of high performance, precision-made Agricultural Machinery, Teagle has kept ‘British Built’ agricultural machinery at the forefront of the industry for over 75 years.

The Brief

Teagle wanted us to capture the complete product journey – from initial design through to the completed 8555 Machine coming off the production line, driving home the quality, complexity, professionalism and attention to detail that goes into the manufacture of every Teagle product.

Working closely with the Teagle team, it was vital from the outset to understand what they wanted the film to achieve, how and where it would be used and the likely audiences that would be viewing it.

The plan was to create several versions of this manufacturing film to use right across Teagle’s international marketing platforms – from website, social media, YouTube and e-newsletters through to tradeshows, exhibitions, sales meetings and corporate events.

This level of detailed early stage planning was critical to ensure the key elements required were identified and captured during filming. Above all else, the film had to be captivating, engaging and interesting for viewers, fully reflecting Teagle’s brand quality.

The Project

Over a 6 day shoot, we captured every aspect of the manufacturing process, from Design, 3D CAD, steel and plasma cutting, CNC machining, manual and robot welding, through to the assembly lines, painting processes, quality testing and ultimately the finished Tomahawk being loaded onto the lorry and delivered to the customer.

Shooting in real time manufacturing environments can be challenging at the best of times, but we were able to come up with a number of innovative solutions to ensure we captured high quality, detailed footage – even in the tightest of spaces.

We also brought in our friends at Bad Wolf Horizon to capture both internal and external drone footage for the film.

With a wealth of footage, we started pulling together the seamless journey from start to finish, using a mixture of imagery, live sound recording, sound effects and music to create just the right look and atmosphere through every aspect of the film.

To help generate pre-launch awareness of the film, we created short teaser clips for Teagle, allowing them to unveil small excerpts of the content in the run up to the main film launch.

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