- Campaign Film -

Flannery x Leica x XWatch | Campaign Film

We had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with Flannery Plant Hire, Leica Geosystems, and XWatch, leveraging our expertise in high-end video production, to create inspiring content showcasing their revolutionary collaborative solution.

Our objective was to produce visually stunning films that not only looked remarkable but also effectively unveiled the groundbreaking technology while highlighting its significant impact on improving safety in the construction industry.

The construction industry faces major safety risks, including incidents involving overhead cables and underground services. Flannery Plant Hire, Leica Geosystems, and XWatch recognized the urgent need to develop a solution that would prevent accidents and enhance safety on construction sites.

The Project

We were entrusted to create video content that would not only look epic but also serve a purpose in revealing this groundbreaking technology. Understanding the significance of the project, we approached it with a purpose-driven mindset, aiming to produce visually stunning films that effectively showcased the technology’s capabilities and underscored its importance in enhancing safety on construction sites.

Our talented team embarked on an exciting journey to the Cotswolds, spending a full day on location to capture the magnitude of the collaborative solution. Combining dynamic cinematography with captivating storytelling, we ensured that the films not only looked visually stunning but also conveyed the purpose and impact of the technology. Back at our studio, our animation team meticulously enhanced the final film, creating a seamless and immersive experience for viewers.

We successfully produced a visually stunning main film, along with social media versions and teasers. Each piece of content was thoughtfully crafted to engage viewers and effectively communicate the benefits of the groundbreaking technology, emphasising its significant contribution to safety in the construction industry.