Our Services

- Breaking It Down -

We create films driven by purpose. From a short campaign film designed to capture the essence of your business to a beautifully crafted deep-dive into who you are and what you do – our approach is driven by your goals.

How We Do Things

We love people, so work to build long-term relationships with clients we know and understand. Getting to know the people behind a business and understanding their vision is at the heart of our approach. We want to get to know the wider industry context, your target audience and long-term goals. The end result is born out of these findings.

Planning (Pre-Production)

We’re a little obsessive when it comes to prep. For us, good prep means a job well done. First up, we’ll agree a budget, timings and flag any constraints before moving onto the fun stuff. We’ll get to know you and your working world; from sector and industry to audience and competitors before we talk concepts. Then, we’ll work together to develop a concept and agree a creative approach that fits.

Producing (Production)

The moment when good planning pays off and our technical excellence comes into its own. We assemble a top crew and capture the brilliance of you and your business. Our skilled drone team can bring a whole new perspective to your production if needed. We work together during filming, building in opportunities for us to get together and review how things are going along the way.

Polishing (Post-Production)

The moment when everything comes together and attention to detail is everything. From editing and colour grading to mastering, sound and motion graphic design. We’ll work tirelessly as a team to craft the final edit into shape and create a piece of work we can all be proud of that delivers on your business objectives.